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2018 League Rules & Playing Conditions + T20 K.O. Rules

Posted by David Hull on 08/01/2017 19:56

The League rules can be read direct from this view, or downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.

For Twenty 20 Rules, download these from the link at the bottom of the page.



1          Membership


2          Finance


3          Administration


            3.1       League Management Committee


            3.2       Management of Divisions - Sections


4          Rule Changes


5          Player Registration


            5.1       Category of players


            5.2       Registration Rules


            5.3       Transfers


6          Fixtures


7          Cancellations


8          Facilities: Playing Areas


9          Umpires


10        Playing Conditions


            10.1    Team sheets


            10.2    Hours of Play


            10.3    Interruptions in play


            10.4    Balls


            10.5    Bowling restrictions


            10.6    Fielding restrictions


            10.7    Wide Balls


            10.8    Dangerous and unfair bowling


11        Results


            11.1    Uninterrupted matches


            11.2    interrupted matches


            11.3    Run rate


12        Reporting Results


13        Reporting: Umpires, Scorers & Fair Play


            13.1    Appointed Umpires – Reports


            13.2    Fair Play


            13.3    Scorers


14        Match rules


15        Points


16        Promotion & Relegation


17        Divisional Rules


17.1 Senior Division – Pilot scheme for 2018 season


17.2 30 over Division


18        Disputes


19        Bristol & District Cricket Association


20        Right of Appeal


21        Interpretation of Rules








1.         MEMBERSHIP


(a)    The League shall be open only to clubs in membership of the Bristol & District Cricket Association.


(b)    The League shall consist of a number of Divisions in a linear formation open to all Member Club Teams. There shall be a minimum of ten (10) teams in each Division unless there are exceptional circumstances. No club shall have more than one team in any Division except the lowest. A club’s most senior Team shall be in the highest Division of all its Teams (e.g. 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI, etc.).


(c)    The number of clubs in membership shall only be increased if the League Management Committee so decide after investigation of each application.


(d)    Clubs desiring admission to the League must apply in writing not later than the 30th September in the year preceding that in which they wish to join. The League will accept as members, clubs relegated to the Senior Division from the West of England Premier League (W.E.P.L.).


(e)    The 1st XI of any New Club will normally be placed in the lowest Division which contains an existing 1st XI except it shall be in order for the Management Committee to place a new Club’s 1st XI in a higher Division but only if a resolution to take such action is carried by not less than 60% of the Committee present and voting at a duly convened meeting of the League Management Committee. Any new 2nd XI/’3rd XI etc teams will be allocated to a suitable Division by the League Management Committee taking account of their ‘playing strength’.


(f)    Resignations from the League must be given in writing by the 30th June except when a club is promoted to the W.E.P.L. from the Senior Division


(g)    The League Management Committee reserves the right to ask any club to resign if in its opinion the general conduct or appointments of such club does not satisfy the requirements of the League. Fourteen days’ notice of a complaint under this heading must be given, in writing, to the club concerned.


(h)    To play in the League all clubs must affiliate to the Cricket Board in which their ground is situated.


(i)    All clubs must adopt and implement the current E.C.B. Safe Hands, Welfare of Young Players’ policy and have a Club Welfare Officer who has received the appropriate training and which must be in date. Clubs not fulfilling this requirement will not be allowed to play matches until this requirement is fulfilled. It is the responsibility of the Club to ensure that its Child Welfare processes and personnel are up-to-date.


(j)    It is the responsibility of each member club to provide an up-to-date and correct email contact address. The club’s main contact and deputy in that person’s absence must be clearly identified


(k) Failure to reply to official correspondence within the specified time limit will incur a 10 point deduction for the offending team.




2.         FINANCE


The League shall be financed through its members’ subscriptions to the Association.





The Officers of the League shall be as follows:


  • Association Chairman
  • Association Vice Chairman
  • Association Secretary
  • Association Treasurer
  • Child Welfare Officer
  • KO Cup Administrator




(a) The League affairs shall be administered by a committee known as the League Management Committee. It will be answerable to the Association Committee for the efficient running of the League. The League Management Committee shall consist of the following who will be appointed at the A.G.M. of the Association:


  • The League Officers (as in Rule 3).
  • Chairmen of the each Section
  • Chairman of Facilities Committee
  • Chairman of Cricket Committee
  • Chairman of Results and Fair Play Committee
  • Chairman of Disciplinary Committee
  • County Cricket Board Representative
  • Website Administrator
  • Results Administrator
  • Registration Officer
  • Equity Officer


(b)    The Management Committee shall establish specific committees to be responsible for:-


  • Facilities
  • Cricket (Playing Conditions)
  • Results and Fair Play
  • Discipline
  • Finance


(c)   It shall establish other committees and co-opt additional members as appropriate


(d)   A quorum to consist of 2 Officers of the Association and at least 4 other members. At least 14 days’ notice of all meetings must be given. Members of the Committee must declare any conflict of interest and may not vote on any matter directly affecting their club.





(a) The Management Committee will organise different groups of Divisions into Sections


(b) Each Section will be led by a Section Chairman and shall meet at the discretion of the Section Chairman or the League Management Committee.


(c) In each Section there will be one vote per team in the event of a formal vote being required with 50% +1 in attendance being the majority vote.


(d) Attendance at Section meetings is mandatory; failure by a club to attend will result in its highest team in that section being penalised 10 points with immediate effect for the current season or carried forward to the next one.


(e) A representative of a club with more than one team in a Section may represent all the club’s teams in that Section


(f) The Divisions covered by the Sections are:

Section A – Senior Division to Division 4 inclusive

Section B – Division 5 to Division 8 inclusive

Section C – Division 9 to Division 15 inclusive



4.         RULE CHANGES


(a) Any amendment or proposal for change to the League Rules, other than those proposed by the League Management Committee, can be presented only through a Section and must be given in writing to the League Secretary by the Section Chairman not later than 30th November. Such amendment or proposal may only be accepted by the majority of clubs present and eligible to vote at Section Meetings that are in favour of such amendment or proposal.


(b) The Management Committee may empower an individual Section to change rules and playing conditions for its Section only


(c) These rules may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any Annual or Special Meeting of the Association provided that such resolution be carried by not less than 60% of the members present and voting. League clubs and Officers only to be allowed to vote on these matters.







Category 1

Definition  -  Players who are fully paid up members of a club and are ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for at least 4 years as part of their work and lifestyle. 


Category 2

Definition  -  Players contracted as professionals to a County Cricket Club.

No such player is eligible to play for any team in the BDCL. 

Category 3 Overseas Player

Definition -  Players not ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for 18 months preceding March 31st of the current playing season. Please Note: This includes UK passport holders who live overseas and who are visiting the UK for a holiday.

a)    Clubs wishing to register a player in this category must provide proof of status (i.e. a passport) and proof of approval from the ECB and the Border Agencies.

b)    This evidence and proof of authenticity is the responsibility of the club.

c)    The player does not become eligible until official approval has been granted by the BDCL; this must be completed before May 31st of the playing season. 

d)    Only one Cat 3 player (as defined above) per team can play in a match. 

e)   No Cat 3 player is eligible to play for more than one club in the BDCL in any given season


Category 3E Overseas Exempt Player

Definition - Players born outside the UK but who are living and working in this country; these may, for example, be students or workers on contracts. NB This does not apply to any player who is ‘ordinarily resident’ for at least 4 years in the UK (as per Category 1 definition above).

a)   Clubs wishing to register a Cat 3E player must provide the Registration Officer with the following documents:-

A Current Passport

A Residence Visa

A completed “DECLARATION FORM FOR CATEGORY 3E (EXEMPT) PLAYERS”  This form must be downloaded from the “HOME” page of the B&D website (see the ”Forms to Download” button) and returned to the League Registration Officer via email.

b)    Any evidence and proof of authenticity is the responsibility of the club.

c)    The player does not become eligible until official approval has been granted by the BDCL.


Guidelines for clubs

The ECB is keen to ensure that liability regarding the use of overseas players is removed from leagues and that the onus is on clubs to conform to the Managed Migration policy.


Cat 3E (Overseas Exempt Player)

In certain circumstances, the required documents may not be available. If this is the case, please contact the League Registration Officer giving full details of the player.

The option to select Cat 3E is not available on Play-cricket so these players must be registered by their club as Cat 3 with a note attached to highlight this. The declaration form must then be sent to the Registration Officer who will update the details.

NOTE: If clubs are in any doubt about the status of a player from overseas, they should email , giving full details of the players circumstances.




(a)  Clubs which play in the League are required to register all players involved in League fixtures through the play cricket web site. The minimum information required for registration is the player’s Full name, Date of Birth, Player Category and Place of Birth. If the birthplace is outside the UK, the date the player last entered the Country UK must be entered. If this date is less than 4 years, refer to Rule 5.1 Cat 3E Oversea Exempt Player section


(b)  Each club should field its strongest team as the 1st X1; the League reserves the right to review any situation regarding this. After July 31st  a player who has played 70% or more of the league games they have played in the same season for a higher team(s) cannot play for a lower team in the same club unless with the prior permission of the League.


(c)  Multi-registration of players is allowed in Section C and for Single team Clubs in Section B, but teams must ensure this is to enable fixtures to take place and not to unduly strengthen their team. It must also be with the permission of the ‘parent’ club. The Management Committee and its officers reserve the right to penalise teams who go against the spirit of cricket regarding multi-registration.


(d)  Any team which fields an ineligible player or records false information on the scorecard will be subject to having points deducted. See Rule 15 (b) (iii). The non-offending team will be credited with the highest points gained by a team in the same division on the same day.


(e)  The Management Committee or any delegated Committee reserves the right to implement further penalties for infringements of these rules eg if a club commits a second offence


5.3       TRANSFERS


No player shall play for more than one club in the Bristol & District League in the same season except as follows:-

  1. In multi-registration situations as per Rule 5.2 (c)
  2. Any player wishing to change clubs must inform his/her present club; both the player and the club must complete and return the Transfer Form (see BDCA website) to the league. This must confirm the player does not have any financial debts with the club
  3. The League shall not unreasonably withhold permission provided (b) above has been successfully completed
  4. Once approved the player needs to be registered for his new club
  5. Contravention of the above rules will result in the new club being penalised
  6. No transfers are allowed after 31 July



6.         FIXTURES


(a)    All League matches will be played on the dates published by the League Management Committee unless an exception has been granted – see (b) below.


(b)    Clubs wishing to re-arrange fixtures after publication must give written notice to the League Secretary. Such changes must be endorsed by the League Management Committee and will only be given in exceptional circumstances.





(a)    It is the responsibility of the Home Club to advise its visitors and the appointed umpires in case of a cancellation.


(b)   Cancellations for weather or ground conditions shall be made and information made available between 10.00 a.m. and 11.30am. on the day of the match.


(c)  None of the last four matches of the League programme shall be cancelled by the home side because of the weather or state of the ground. This may only be done by the appointed umpires or a neutral umpire called in by the home side for the specific purpose on the day of the game. This to apply to Section A clubs only.

(d)  The above Rules (b) and (c) will not necessarily apply where a club does not have sole charge of its ground.


(e)  Any club, unable to raise a team, must notify the League Secretary and their opponents not later than 8.30 p.m. on the Thursday preceding the Match. Failing to comply with this rule will require the offending club to pay £50.00 compensation to the non-offending club.


(f)    Any team failing to raise a side to fulfil a League Fixture will be penalised by having points deducted. See Rule 15 (a) (iv). The non-offending team will be credited with the highest points gained by a team in the same division on the same day. This will also apply when the Home team is unable to provide a ground for the fixture. A minimum of 7 players required to play a game.


(g)    If in the opinion of the Management Committee undue advantage of (c) is taken by any club they shall take such action as they think fit.


(h)    In the event of a team or club having to cancel a game due to a lack of players it must cancel the lowest side first and not a higher side


(i)         If a team fails to fulfil 5 League fixtures during the season, it will be removed from the League and their playing record expunged.





(a)    Preparation of wickets shall be according to the Laws of Cricket and the facilities criteria of the relevant division.


(b)    No rolling shall take place after the toss except between innings or with the consent of both captains.


(c)    Boundaries shall be clearly defined and any divergence from normal shall be mutually agreed by the visiting captains and the umpires before start of play.


(d)    There will be 2 semi-circles with a radius of 30 yards with their centre the middle stump at each end of the pitch. These will be marked by white discs – preferably made of plastic. A team which fails to comply with this will have points deducted. See Rule 15 (b) (i)


(e)     An additional crease marking 17” inside each Return crease and between the Bowling and Popping creases will act as a guideline for wides. This is mandatory for all League matches. It is recommended that the line is in other than white and may be a removable ‘tape’ if there are ground restrictions. A team which fails to comply with this will have points deducted. See Rule 15 (b) (i)


 9.        UMPIRES


(a)    The Umpires Association shall appoint umpires from its Association to officiate in all matches where possible.


(b)    Should an umpire fail to keep an appointment the Home Club will inform the League Secretary


(c)    In the event of an umpire failing to attend or no umpire being available the two captains must agree as to who shall be deemed as umpires for the match. Captains cannot object to a club’s nomination, provided he is an experienced umpire and has attended a ‘Fair Play’ training session or is an ECB qualified umpire.





For 2018 season, Senior Division clubs should see Section 17 for changes to Rule 10.2 (a).




(a)    Each team shall provide the umpires or the opposing captain if there is no appointed umpire, with a completed ECB Team Sheet


(b)    This shall indicate any player under 18 on the date of the match and show the specific age group of any player who is in under 19. The age groups are based on the age of a player at midnight on August 31st of the preceding year.


(c)    The ECB fast bowling directives shall apply in all league matches


(d)    Any player under 18 must similarly be bound by the ECB directives about helmets, faceguards and fielding restrictions


(e)    If either side is not ready for the Toss 15 minutes before the (re-)scheduled start of the match the non-offending side may claim the Toss. 7 players at the ground defines a team as being ready.




(a)       (i) All matches shall start at 1.30pm. However, if both teams agree that the match will start at an earlier time they may do so provided it is on the same day; if there is no such agreement the default time remains 1.30pm


NB This flexible start time does NOT apply when there are appointed umpires.


(ii) The last two matches of the season shall start at 1pm


(b)       (i) Sections A and B (Senior Division - Division 8) matches shall consist of 45 overs per side. The team bowling first shall complete its 45 overs (unless the batting side is all out or declares). Unused overs cannot be claimed. The first innings shall be completed within 2 hours and 45 minutes of its commencement including any time for an agreed drinks interval.


            (ii) There will be a tea interval of 25 minutes


                                    (iii) The second innings shall be completed within 2 hours 45 minutes of its commencement.


                        (iv) Failure to complete the overs in the allocated time will result in points being deducted for each over not bowled. See Rule 15 (b) (i). This will only apply in matches with appointed umpires. In Fair Play matches captains are requested to include any slow over rates in their reports.


(c)       (i) Section C (Divisions 9 onwards) matches shall consist of 40 overs per side. The team bowling first shall complete its 40 overs (unless the batting side is all out or declares). Unused overs cannot be claimed. The first innings shall be completed in 2 hours 30 minutes of its commencement including any time for an agreed drinks interval.



            (ii) There will be a tea interval of 25 minutes


            (iii) The second innings shall be completed within 2 hours 30 minutes of its commencement. Captains are requested to include any slow over rates in their reports


            (iv) In the event that the first innings finishes early and tea cannot be taken, the second innings shall commence 10 minutes after the break between innings; tea will then be taken at its normal scheduled time (decided by umpires where appointed and otherwise by the captains.


            (v) The Results & Fair Play Committee and the Management Committee reserve the right to penalise teams which offend regarding over rates in matches without appointed umpires.


(d)       (i) The side batting first can declare before using its full quota of overs, at any time between 20 overs being completed and 5 overs remaining to be bowled. The side batting second will be entitled to the full quota of overs.


            (ii) The batting side, having declared, will deem to be all out in terms of bowling bonus points.


            (iii) Overs lost to rain interruptions after the declaration, will initially be met from the unused overs due to the declaration. If the second innings is rain affected, the calculation of run rate shall be based on the full quota of overs to which the side batting first were entitled


(e)       Away teams do not pay for teas; this applies to all Divisions




(a)    When there are appointed umpires, they alone shall determine whether conditions (ground, weather and light) are suitable for play. When there are no appointed umpires, the two captains shall agree whether play can (re-) commence/continue or not; if they do not agree play cannot (re-)commence/continue


(b)    If the start of the first innings is delayed, or if it is interrupted, the appointed umpires (or captains if there are none) shall reduce the number of overs available to each team by one for each 7 minutes of lost time

(c)    If the start of the second innings is delayed, or is interrupted, the appointed umpires (or captains if there are none) shall reduce the number of overs available by one for each 3.5 minutes of lost time. If the team batting first are bowled out without using their full quota of overs, the time between the end of the innings and tea should be recorded. This time will be offset against any interruptions in play that may occur during the second innings before rule 10.3 c is enforced.


In a 40 over game, Team A is bowled out at 3.15pm.

Tea would normally be taken at 4pm, so there are 45 minutes available for rain delays in the 2nd innings if required.

During the 2nd innings, the match is interrupted for 30 minutes.

Team B do not lose any overs, as there are 45 unused minutes from the first innings.

There is a second interruption of 30 minutes.

15 minutes of this interruption would be set against the 45 minutes unused minutes from the 1st innings, the other 15 minutes would follow Rule 10.3 c and the batting side would lose 5 overs (15 minutes divided by 3.5 minutes)  


(d)    Unless both teams have the opportunity to bat for 20 overs the match shall be abandoned. Playing time shall not be extended beyond 7.25pm (Sections A&B – 45 overs) and 6.55pm (Section C – 40 overs) – see Rule 11.2 on interrupted matches


10.4        BALLS


(a)   Sections A and B (Senior Division - Division 8) will use the BDCA approved ball allocated to this Section. Each team will provide a new BDCA approved ball before the toss. The fielding side will use the ball supplied by the batting side.


(b)   Section C (Division 9 onwards): The Home team shall supply a new BDCA approved ball before the toss which shall be used throughout the match. Prior to the toss, if either team wishes to provide a second new BDCA approved ball, there can be no objection. If the second new ball is provided by the away team, the fielding team will use the ball provided by the batting side.


(c)   The Home team is responsible for providing sufficient suitable spare balls in case the match ball is lost or damaged; it is suggested that 4 should be the minimum number of spares


10.5    Bowling Restrictions


(a)    No bowler shall bowl more than one-fifth of the total overs allotted – unless this has already been exceeded before any interruption.

(b)    Where the total numbers of overs is not divisible by 5, one additional over shall be allowed to the maximum number per bowler necessary to make up the balance.


(c)    In the event of a bowler breaking down and being unable to complete an over, the remaining balls will be bowled by another bowler. This part over will count as a full over so far as each bowler’s limit is concerned.

10.6    Fielding Restrictions


(a)    At the moment of delivery a maximum of 5 fielders can be outside the fielding circles – see 8 (d) above


(b)    The umpire (even when they are players) must call and signal No Ball if there are more than 5 fielders outside the circle.   


10.7     Wide Balls


(a)    In Section A (the Senior Division to Division 4 inclusive), umpires should apply a strict and consistent interpretation to prevent negative bowling. Any delivery which, in the opinion of the appointed umpire, does not give a striker a reasonable opportunity to hit the ball playing a normal cricket shot shall be adjudged a wide ball.


(b)    In such matches (namely as in (a) above), a leg-side wide shall be called if, irrespective of where the ball pitches, it passes outside the line of the striker and the leg stump irrespective of his movement. A ball that passes between the striker and the leg stump shall not be considered a wide.


(c)    In Sections B & C, any ball passing inside the creases (wide lines) as defined in Rule 8 (e) shall not be called a wide, leg or off side, unless in the opinion of the Umpire, the bowler is consistently & deliberately bowling down the legside. In such circumstances the Umpire should warn the bowler and call ‘Wide’.  


10.8    Dangerous and Unfair Bowling


(a)    Any delivery that, without bouncing, reaches or would have reached the batsman above waist height when standing upright in the crease shall be called and signalled a No Ball.


(b)    Umpires should at all times give any benefit of the doubt about the height of such a delivery in the batsman’s favour. They should also warn bowlers for such deliveries as per Law 41



11.       THE RESULT


11.1    Uninterrupted matches


The team with the highest score at the end of the allotted overs shall be the winner. In the event of the scores being equal, the result shall be a tie irrespective of wickets lost


11.2    Interrupted matches


(a) If fewer than 20 overs in total were bowled (unless a result was achieved in this time) the match shall be deemed to be cancelled


(b) If 20 or more overs were bowled but it was not possible for both teams to bat for a minimum of 20 overs (unless a result was achieved in that time), the match shall be deemed to be abandoned


(c) Provided that both teams had the opportunity to bat for at least 20 overs, the team with the highest score calculated on an average run rate basis shall be the winner. In the event of the scores being level, the result shall be a tie.


(d) The team batting second can only win in fewer than 20 overs if play was in progress when the target was achieved


11.3    Run rate


(a) A team’s average run rate is calculated by dividing the number of runs scored in its innings by the number of valid balls received during that innings


(b) If the team batting first is dismissed in fewer than the number of overs allocated for its innings or declares, the calculation will be based on the number of balls that the team was scheduled to receive rather than those it actually received.


(c) If the team batting second is unable to receive its allocated overs, the calculation of its average run rate will be based on the actual number of valid deliveries received during its innings.


Example A


Team A scores 200 from 40 overs – run rate is 5.00


Team B can face only 20 overs after interruptions; target is therefore 100 – 101 to win


NB If in this match Team B has scored 91 after 18 overs when it rains and no further play is possible the result is an abandoned match because although Team B is up with the run rate until the bowling team has delivered its 20 overs it does not qualify as a game – see Rule 11.2 (b) above


Example B


Team A scores 190 from 45 overs – run rate is 4.33


Team B to face 20 overs – target is therefore 86.67 – must score 87 to win. NB Team B would lose if it scored 86 – a tie is not possible





(a)    The Home team is responsible for entering the result on the Play-Cricket website following the prescribed procedure. This is to be done by 12 noon on the following day (normally Sunday.) The Away team must check the result entered on the website and either amend it if incorrect or enter it if no result has been submitted. This is to be done by 10pm on the same day (normally the Sunday)


(b)  The Home team is responsible for entering the full scorecard on the website by 12 noon on the Monday following the match. The Away team must check the scorecard and update any of their missing information by 6pm on the Monday.

(c)    The penalty for a team not complying with 12 (a) or (b) above will receive a deduction of points for each offence. See Rule 15 (b) (ii)



The BDCA will request appointed umpires for as many matches as possible. In reality, however, the majority of league games will be played without official appointments; these will be played under the ‘Fair Play’ system


13.1    Appointed Umpires - Reports


(a)    In all matches where an official umpire officiates each captain is required to complete and submit the relevant report for the Bristol Association of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (BACUS) by Wednesday 12 noon in the week after the match. These reports need to be objective and fair.


(b)    These reports must be submitted through the WTU website in the official format provided. Clubs are responsible for registering its captain or nominated individual on the site to enable this to be done. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the offending team having points deducted. See Rule 15 (b) (ii).


(c)    Appointed umpires must complete a report on the pitch and facilities plus a fair play mark for the teams and captains. This report will be on the BACUS format and will be submitted onto the WTU site by Wednesday 12 noon in the week after the match


(d)     After Wednesday 12 noon umpires will be able to view their reports and clubs will be able to see the match reports.


(e)    Any club wishing to query any report must contact the League Secretary


13.2    Fair Play (i.e. matches where there are no appointed umpires)


(a)    In Fair Play matches (or any other without an appointed umpire), the opposition captain cannot object if an umpire is nominated to stand for both innings – See Rule 9 (c)


(b)    Each team is expected to either provide an ECB qualified umpire or have at least one player who has attended the Fair Play umpires course in attendance at the match.


(c)    Where a team adheres to (b) above and submits a Fair Play form by 6pm on the Monday following the match they will receive bonus points. See Rule 15 (a) (vi).


(d)    The Results and Fair Play Committee is empowered to determine the right to award or deny a team its bonus point(s). These points when awarded will be added to the playing record of teams after each match.


13.3    Scorers


(a)    In the Senior Division each team must provide a competent scorer. Failure to do so will result in the offending team having to delegate one of its nominated players to fulfil the role of scorer for the whole game.


(b)    It is desirable for teams in Divisions 1 and 2 to provide a competent scorer.


(c)    All teams are encouraged to provide a competent scorer for all league matches


 14.      MATCH RULES


(a)    All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Cricket except where otherwise provided in the League Rules.


(b)    In the event of a late start the umpires shall inform the offending captain(s) that a report will be made to the Management Committee and the team(s) responsible may be penalised at the discretion of that Committee. The toss should be made no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. If this is not done the offending team shall be deemed to have lost the toss – see Rule 10.1 (e).


(c)    In the event of any dispute the umpires to be the sole arbiters as per M.C.C. Rules.



15.       POINTS


For the 2018 season, Senior Division clubs should see section 17 for changes to the points awarded in the Senior Division.


(a)       Points awarded:


(i)    20 points are awarded to each team for a win plus any bonus points earned. Maximum points obtainable by any one team will be 30 per game.

            (ii)   15 points are awarded to each team for a tie – when the scores are level – plus any bonus and Fair Play points earned.


(iii)   10 points are awarded to each team for an abandoned game, plus any bonus and fair play points earned. At least 20 overs must be bowled for a game to be classed as abandoned.  If less than 20 overs are bowled before the abandonment the game will count as cancelled.


            (iv)   10 points deducted for any team unable to raise a side. The non-offending team will be credited with the points equal to the highest points gained by any team in the same division on that day (see rule 7f).


(v)    5 points each for a cancelled game due to the weather.


            (vi)       20 points will be awarded to both teams where a game is cancelled due to the actions of a third party and subject to Committee approval 


(vii)    Bonus points to be awarded as follows:


            Batting:    One point awarded when the total reaches 100 and a further point for each additional 25 runs up to 200. Maximum five points. Runs in excess of this total may be accumulated but no further batting points will be awarded.


            Bowling:    One point awarded at the fall of the second wicket and one point for each additional two wickets up to the tenth. Maximum five points.



            In addition, where a team batting second subsequently wins the game and scores less runs than that required to gain the maximum batting points, a bonus point will be awarded for every 2 wickets intact when successfully chasing the required total up to a maximum of 5 batting points.


            (viii) In matches played under Fair Play regulations 2 bonus points are awarded to each team where an umpire is provided and Fair Play form submitted (See Rule 13.2 b & c)


(b)       Penalty Points


The following penalty points apply to ALL teams in ALL divisions unless otherwise stated


(i)         Playing penalties notified through Fair Play form or by appointed umpires

  • No 30 yard circle - 1 point deduction
  • No 17” wide line - 1 point deduction
  • Slow over rate – 1 point deduction per over not bowled in the allotted time (this applies to games with appointed umpires only)


(ii)        Result reporting penalties


  • Home team fails to record result within the timescale specified - 2 point deduction
  • Away team fails to record result within the timescale specified, where the Home team has not entered the result - 2 point deduction
  • Either team fails to record their complete scorecard within the timescale specified - 2 point deduction
  • Either team fails to submit a report through the WTU website – 2 point deduction (this applies to games in the Senior Division and Division 1 when umpires have been appointed).


Where a team is penalised for not completing the scorecard fully within the timescale specified, they will have a further 10 days to ensure players names are added to the scorecard. Failure to do so will result in a further 20 point deduction for playing an ineligible player at the discretion of the Registration Officer


(iii)       Ineligible players/ recording of false information on scorecards


  • A team will be penalised 20 points for each ineligible player played in a match plus any points gained during the match.
  • A team will be penalised 20 points for recording false information on a scorecard


(c)        Total points


The league positions to be determined by total (aggregate) points scored during the season.


(d)     The Results and Fair Play Committee is empowered to determine the right to award or deny a team its bonus point(s). These points when awarded will be added to the playing record of teams after each match.





(a)     (i)    At the end of each season the two clubs finishing first and second in each Division shall be promoted to the Division above (subject to Facilities Criteria where applicable). The two clubs finishing in the last two positions in each Division shall be relegated to the next lowest Division (subject to Facilities Criteria where applicable).


          (ii)    When a new club is included under Rule 1(e) in a division other than the lowest, then up to three clubs per Division may be relegated providing that the League Management Committee announce the decision prior to the first League match in the season immediately preceding the season in which such new club will join the League.


(b)    The Management Committee may increase or decrease the number of promoted or relegated teams in the event of facilities criteria not being met or a club otherwise having more than one team in the same division – except as in Rule 1(b) above.


(c)    In the event of 2 or more clubs having the same aggregate points total their league positions will be determined in the following order:-

• Most wins

• Highest runs per wicket


Promotion and relegation between the WEPL Tier 3 and the Senior Division will take place each season subject to Facilities Criteria being met. If either or both of the top 2 teams do not comply with the Facilities criteria the next team(s) may be promoted.


Promotion into Section A may be denied by the Management Committee based on the recommendations of the Facilities Committee.





























Playing conditions and points

The regulations detailed below only apply to the Senior Division and relate to start times, no-balls and points. All other playing conditions remain the same as otherwise stated in the rules

  1. All matches will start at 1.00pm. There is no change to an innings being 45 overs.
  2. A free hit shall be awarded following a foot fault no ball
  3. Points will be awarded as follows


  1. Win                                                         10 points plus any bonus points


  1. Tie                                                             5 points plus any bonus points


  1. Cancelled                                                6 points


  1. Abandoned                                             6 points plus any bonus points



Bonus Points

  1. Batting (Runs scored)                          Maximum 5 points


One point for reaching 125 runs and an additional point for each additional 25 runs up to 225. In addition when batting second and winning having scored less runs than required to gain maximum batting points a batting bonus point is awarded for every two wickets intact when successfully chasing the required total


  1. Batting first, declaring and winning    2 points


Declaration must not take place before the 20th over or after the 39th; if the match is shortened the batting side cannot declare after 90% of the overs are bowled.


  1. Bowling                                                    Maximum 5 points


One point for each 2 wickets

In the event of the batting side declaring, the bowling side gains all 5 bowling bonus points


  1. Bowling team out for under 120                      2 points








17.2    30 OVER DIVISION



  • The standard will be ‘developmental’ and aimed at getting players to return to, or remain in, the game
  • The teams entering will effectively be the lowest team in each club
  • Matches should be competitive but the onus is on teams to ensure that all players are able to participate and that winning is not the major objective
  • It will be named Division 30


Format/Playing Conditions

  • Fixtures – 14 Saturdays
  • 30 overs per side
  • Start: 1.00pm; this is the default start time but if captains agree in advance another (earlier) time may be selected
  • End of 1st innings: 2.45pm (1 hour 45 minutes to bowl overs ie 3.5 minutes per over)
  • 15 minute break – any refreshments to be provided by players. Teams may wish to offer more but that can be negotiated on an individual basis - and with no compulsion
  • Start of 2nd innings: 3.00pm
  • End of match: 4.45pm
  • Maximum overs per bowler 20% ie 6
  • Batsman to retire at 50 – can resume innings on the fall of the penultimate wicket.
  • ‘Friendly/developmental’ philosophy - make a game of it if necessary like traditional Sunday cricket.
  • 1 new ball per match to be provided by the Home team and to be the BDCA Section C ball.
  • Wides – 2 runs per wide, no extra ball (like youth cricket and to help prompt finishes) except in the final over of each innings when a wide will result in an extra delivery (again as in youth cricket).
  • Blue lines to be marked as per League rule. Any delivery passing outside the leg-side blue line is an automatic wide; offside wides will be as normal. The aim will be consistency and empathy
  • Circles are not required
  • Fair Play Report – only to be submitted if there is a problem.
  • Points system to be the same as for rest of the league as per Rule 15  except:-
  1. No Fair Play bonus points – to keep it simple
  2. No penalty points – to encourage not penalise as per principles above
  • If teams are likely to cancel a match due to lack of players they must inform their opponents by 8.30pm latest on the Thursday. This might allow some costs to be saved and could even result in the other team lending a player or two.
  • Matches to be played on Saturdays.
  • Registration and reporting rules are the same as for the rest of the League.








18.       DISPUTES


(a)    Any club having objection to the conduct of another team or member thereof or to the umpire, or any umpire objecting to the conduct of a player or team shall inform the League Secretary within seven days. In the case of any objection against an umpire he shall be dealt with by the Umpire Association Committee.


(b)    Any complaint against a player or team will be referred to the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.


(c)    Any dispute relating to the Laws of Cricket shall be referred to the Umpires Association whose decision shall be final. All other disputes shall be referred to the League Management Committee and their decision final.


(d)    Any decision by the League Management Committee ordering a club to pay any fines or expenses shall be implemented by the club concerned within 14 days of notification of such penalty.





That except where varied by any of the foregoing rules the rules of the Bristol & District Cricket Association shall apply to all clubs.





Any club wishing to appeal against any decision relating to the rules must give notice in writing, to the League Secretary within two (2) weeks of the notification of such decision. The League Secretary shall place the matter before the next meeting of the Management Committee.





The League Management Committee shall be the authority for the correct interpretation of and enforcement of these rules and shall have full jurisdiction over all matters not provided for therein.